Royal Panda Review: Big Wins & Fast Payouts


If you’re thinking about depositing your money at Royal Panda, there’s probably a few questions you have in mind:

  • Is this online casino legit or is it a scam?
  • What kind of bonuses do they have for new members?
  • Do they actually payout?


If you’re searching for these questions, read on…

wazzaI’m Wazza and I’m a regular player at Royal Panda and here is what I really think.

When I first signed up to play at Royal Panda, I was a little sceptical. I done what you’re probably doing now and done a search for Royal Panda review.

Trouble is, most of the reviews seemed like salesy promotions and some just didn’t give much info about them at all.

After biting the bullet and wanting play their games, I decided to make a small deposit of $100. The bonus at the time, matched my $100 so I had $200 to play with.

Now..I’m more into slot machines so that’s what I started off playing to begin with. My 2 favourite slot machine games on Royal Panda are Thunderstruck II and Dead or Alive.

My First Deposit With Royal Panda & First Big Win!

That first deposit of $100 with the bonus lasted me a good few hours. Free spins and bonus feature games came around pretty frequently but as the money started to go down, I was starting to think my session was about to end.

Then boom, I got the free spins and had a big win. I can’t remember the exact amount that I got from the free spins but it was over $900US.

As you could imagine I was pretty stoked.

I kept playing for a while and because it was late at night I decided to pack it in and have another go the next day. I can remember thinking..”My money better still be there” luckily, it was.

That day I probably played for a good 4 hours getting wins, playing it down little getting another win and so on but I set a limit of $600 that I told myself I wouldn’t go under.

Here I was playing Dead or Alive and I get the free spins again. This time I was playing $5 a spin and got another big win – $1800.

My balance shot up to $2500US and that’s when I hit the withdraw button. I requested $2000 and left $500 in there so I could continue playing.

Withdrawal submitted – (rubs hands)

Unable To Withdraw Winnings?? WTF!

After waiting a few hours I receive an email.

“Sorry we are unable to process your withdrawal. Please verify your identity so we can process your withdrawal”

That’s the short version of the email, but basically they wanted my drivers license, a utility bill for proof of address and a screenshot of my bank card.

I was pretty mad to be honest, but then I realised if they weren’t legit they probably wouldn’t want all of these credentials so I began emailing everything over hoping that they aren’t some kind of scam that steals your identity.

The next email they confirmed my identity had been processed and verified. “We are now able to process your withdrawal request”.

Two days later, my wire transfer has been completed and the funds have cleared in my bank account. My first $100 deposit at Royal Panda and I make $2k – not bad!!

My Royal Panda Review Of Their Casino Games


If you check out the Royal Panda casino home page, you will notice they have a small list of their featured games.

To see all the games you have to click the button that says “All Games”. They have over 200 games and they’re NetEnt games

From there you will see a list of games with a row of tabs to each game type.

How I pick games that seem to win…

royal panda games hot and cold

Now, one thing I really like about Royal Panda is, they have a list of hot and cold games. This basically lists games that are paying and games that aren’t.

When I’m not playing my favorite 2 games (Thunderstruck II and Dead or Alive) I like to go to the hot or not page to see what’s paying.

Normally I will put $20 – $50 in a game to and play it to see how it’s playing. If I can get the bonus or free spins feature a couple of times within that amount, I will continue playing that game.

Once I build my funds up (If they are paying out) I will increase my bet gradually and that’s where I normally get the biggest wins.

Thunderstruck II Slots: My Favorite Video Slots

Here is a video showing some big wins playing Thunderstruck II slots. I love this game and the free spins feature.

Royal Panda Jackpots & Bonuses


Royal Panda do have some pretty big jackpot slots and they do seem to go off fairly regularly. I personally haven’t won a big one yet but I have won a jackpot just over $800 on the Cosmic Fortune slots.

For those Who Love Live Casino

I have it a try a couple of times but again, I’m not really into table games, blackjack or roulette so I was only making small bets and didn’t win anything. I like to keep it simple and spend the majority of my money on slots.

However, they do have some pretty cool live casino games.

It was my first time experiencing live casino and I was really surprised how LIVE they actually are. The table girls talk and you can interact and chat while placing bets, was pretty fun, but again – not my style 🙂

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Pros and Cons: What I Like and Dislike

I really like the games, they load fast and I’ve never experienced any drop outs or errors while playing.

I’m not going to say all games are good but I do enjoy most of them and they seem to be pretty fair compared to games I’ve played in offline casinos.


  • Very user friendly and clean.
  • Good variety of quality games
  • Customer service replies very fast
  • Fast stress free withdrawals (make sure you verify your identity)
  • Good royalty program & promotions
  • Mobile friendly casino (Works great on my iPad)


  • Maintenance breaks can be a pain (But I guess they need to keep it updated)
  • Wired bank withdrawals take 3 – 5 days (I’ve got mine in 2 a few times)
  • Could be more promotions and bonuses
  • Loyalty shop could have more items

Will I See You On The Winners Board At Royal Panda Casino?

Another cool thing you will notice on the Royal Panda website is, they showcase the latest winners. I’ve been featured a couple of times for my wins over $3k

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